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Charles Bukowski

These Words I Write Keep Me From Total Madness

Web Sites

Bukowski Stuff at Amazon

More Buk than you can afford.

Dedicated to Henry Charles Bukowski

Peter Vidani's page of "Bukowski quotes on life, death, love, writing."

Charles Bukowski

Bio and links.

Charles Bukowski, American Author

"The most active Bukowski discussion forum on the web. Database of works, original manuscripts, timeline and a lot more."

Bukowski at Black Sparrow Press

Driving the nail home.


Look for noteworthy contributions from longtime regulars in this venerable newsgroup watering hole.

Charles Bukowski at Literary Kicks

Ten years from now, we'll look at this and say, That was when it really meant something. Before the "e" got stuck in front of everything.

Silva's Buk Page

Silva's site features Edward L. Smith's Sure: The Charles Bukowski Newsletter.

Charles Bukowski: These Words I Write Keep Me from Total Madness
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