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Das ist Alles: Charles Bukowski Recollected.
Smith, Joan Jobe, ed.
Long Beach CA: Pearl Editions, 1995.
This staple-bound, digest sized collection includes poems and prose dedicated to Bukowski by writers including Frances Smith (mother of his daughter Marina), Gerald Locklin, Charles Webb, Ana Christy, Linda King, Edward Field, and superfan Robert Howington. Scattered throughout are photographs of Buk (including one of Linda King's sculpture of Buk's head) and many of his drawings of cats, dogs, bottles, and people. Also reprints 10 Bukowski poems previously published in Pearl between 1975 and 1993.
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Run With the Hunted: A Charles Bukowski Reader.
Martin, John, ed.
New York NY: Harper & Row, 1993.
Black Sparrow publisher John Martin edits this volume of previously published poetry and fiction. A solid introduction, but all works in this anthology are available in print elsewhere, and no index is supplied to help locate their original appearance.
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People Poems: 1982-1991.
Malone, Marvin, ed.
The Wormwood Review 122/123, vol. 31, nos. 2/3.
Stockton CA: Wormwood Books & Magazines, 1991.

"This first edition is limited to 700 numbered copies, with the first 70 copies signed by Charles Bukowski."

"A Wormwood Chapbook."

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The Maverick Poets: An Anthology.
Kowit, Steve, ed.
Santee CA: The Gorilla Press, 1988.
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All's Normal Here: A Charles Bukowski Primer.
Glazier, Los Pequeno, ed.
Fremont CA: Ruddy Duck Press, May 1985.

This collection includes poems, prose, and letters written by, to, and about Bukwoski by writers including Jack Micheline, Marvin Malone, Gerald Locklin, William Packard, John Martin, and Steve Richmond. Includes brief, enlightening histories of Wormwood Review by Malone and Loujon Press by Dallas Wiebe, and critical looks at Buk's work by Packard and David Parker. This oversized book (8.5 x 11) includes photographs of Buk and many of his drawings scattered throughout.

"[C]onstitutes Vol. 4, No. 1-4 of Oro Madre."

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A Bukowski Sampler.
Blazek, Douglas, ed.
Madison WI: Quixote Press, 1969.

Works reprinted from several defunct literary publications from the late 60s. Letters written by Bukowski's peers aim to enlighten, at the time, an ignorant poetry world of the genius in the alley. Bukowski's longish essay "A Rambling Essay on Poetics and the Bleeding Life Written While Drinking a Six-Pack (Tall)" is among his finest. An excerpt from Notes of a Dirty Old Man and many early poems.