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Cherkovski, Neeli.
Whitman's Wild Children.
Lapis Press, 1988.
Cherkovski was fifteen, a kid from the street, when he met Bukowski. Cherkovski's essay on Bukowski is an honest account, and reveals scenes from Bukowksi's life not covered in Buk's own stories.
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Cherkovski, Neeli.
Hank: The Life of Charles Bukowski.
Random House, 1991.
In July 1997, Steerforth Press reissued a revised and expanded edition in paperback as Bukowski: A Life.
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Cherkovski, Neeli.
Bukowski: A Life.
Steerforth Press, July 1997.
A revised and expanded edition in paperback of Hank: The Life of Charles Bukowski.
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The Buk Book: Musings on Charles Bukowski.
Photographs by Claude Powell.
ECW Press, 1997.
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Dorbin, Sanford.
A Bibliography of Charles Bukowski.
Black Sparrow, 1969.
An exhaustive listing of Bukowski's publications to 1969, including several books and numerous literary magazines. Also includes a listing on commentary and poetry written about Bukowski. Most items are out of print; many are available only through rare book dealers or the rare book collections in libraries.
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Fox, John.
"Bukowski: Dirty Old Man as Poet."
Santa Barbara News & Review 4.42 (1975 October 24).
Entire issue devoted to Bukowski (?). Joint authors: Katy Jacobson, Keith Witt.
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Locklin, Gerald.
Charles Bukowski: A Sure Bet.
Water Row Press, 1996.
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Long, Philomene, ed.
Bukowski in the Bathtub: Recollections of Charles Bukowski by John Thomas.
Raven Press, 1997.
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Bukowski for Beginners.
Writers & Readers, 2000.
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Spinning Off Bukowski.
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Sherman, Jory.
Bukowski: Friendship, Fame & Bestial Myth.
Blue Horse Publications, 1981.
Includes letters and illustrations from Bukowski's involvement with NOLA Express, a literary newspaper published in New Orleans in the early 70s. Includes a version of the story "Notes of a Dirty Old Man," selected letters between Bukowski and Sherman, and Sherman's early biography of Bukowski, which is less about Bukowski than about Sherman himself.
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Bukowski in Pictures
Sounes, Howard.
Bukowski in Pictures.
Grove Press, 2000.
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Sounes, Howard.
Charles Bukowski: Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life.
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— · —
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— · —
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— · —
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