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Bukowski submitted poems to literary magazines, little and big, throughout his writing career. Collecting those publications into a bibliography is a daunting, if not impossible task. This list is an arbitrary selection of magazine publications and is not intended to be authoritative.
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"Between the Earthquake, the Volcano and the Leopard."
Antaeus 75/76.
(1994 Autumn) pp. 241-246.
Includes several poems eventually published in Betting on the Muse: "Fante", "the observer", "August, 1993", "this night", "betting on now."
— · —
"Funny Man."
Editor's Choice II: Fiction, Poetry, & Art from the U.S. Small Press.
Morty Sklar & Mary Biggs, eds. Iowa City IO: The Spirit that Moves Us Press, 1987. pp. 78-79.
First published in The Midatlantic Review, no. 11, in 1979.
— · —
Horses Don't Bet on People & Neither Do I.
Stockton CA: Wormwood Review Press, 1984. pp. 83-124.
Issued as Wormwood Revew 95, vol. 24, no. 3.
— · —
We'll Take Them.
Sparrow 72.
Los Angeles CA: Black Sparrow, 1978.
The final issue of Sparrow magazine devoted to Bukowski poetry. Sparrow was a vehicle for Black Sparrow to cultivate new authors in a literary venue and to reinforce the press' mainstays, such as Bukowski.
— · —
Africa, Paris, Greece.
Sparrow 30.
Los Angeles CA: Black Sparrow, 1975.
"Sparrow appears monthly. It prints poetry, essay, criticism, commentaries, and reviews. Each issue presents the work of a single author." 8 poems.
— · —
While the Music Played.
Sparrow 5.
Los Angeles CA: Black Sparrow, 1973.
Eleven poems published in Black Sparrow's Sparrow magazine that later appear in Play the Piano Drunk.
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"The Birth, Life and Death of an Underground Newspaper"
Evergreen Review 13.70 (September 1969): 41-43, 67-72.
Article about the Los Angeles underground newspaper Open Pussy.
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"Men's Crapper."
Evergreen Review 11.50 (December 1967): 75.