These Words I Write

Keep Me From

Total Madness


The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship.
R. Crumb, illus.
Santa Rosa CA: Black Sparrow, 1998.
Brief journal entries written between August 1991 and February 1993 while Bukowski was working on his last novel Pulp. Illustrations by Robert Crumb.
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Notes of a Dirty Old Man.
N. Hollywood CA: Essex House, 1969.
A collection (later reissued by City Lights Books in 1973) of Bukowski's weekly column in Open City, a paramour of the Free Press during the 60s Berkeley Free Speech Movement. Bukowski's columns range from acute, distanced observation to the sometimes raving, offensive diatribe against hippies, the Vietnam war, and daily living.
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"Preface." Ask the Dust.
John Fante.
Santa Barbara CA: Black Sparrow, 1979.
Bukowski provides the preface to the Black Sparrow edition of Fante's novel, originally published in 1939.
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Barfly: The Continuing Saga of Henry Chinaski.
Bukowski, Charles.
Sutton West, Ontario: Paget Press, 1984.
Published before the movie-production, this version contains several minor differences in plot order. Eighteen drawings by Bukowski of his little men and women depict scenes from the screenplay.
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The Movie "Barfly": An Original Screenplay.
Santa Rosa CA: Black Sparrow, 1987.

Contains minor scene variations from the film. Different from the Paget Press edition, the Black Sparrow editions contain movie-stills of Mickey Roarke and Faye Dunanway, and production photos of Barbet Schroeder, other cast members, and visiting movie stars.

Includes list of Cast and Credits and a Description of Characters.

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Shakespeare Never Did This.
Photographs by Michael Montfort.
Santa Rosa CA: Black Sparrow, 1995.
Originally published in 1979, this journal records Bukowski's trip with Linda Lee to visit relatives and Buk's birthplace in Germany. An epilogue contains 30 trip-related poems.