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  Submergences A poem by Jeffery Beam
Submergences Submergences narrates the story of an unfolding, youthful, love relationship using dreamlike surreal automatically-written sequences. It's a Melvillian "Encantada"—a bleakness, a romance, a strangeness, a wild beauty.

Offset, 4.25 wide x 4.5 tall. 72 pages. 8 black & white, wood block prints by Kathleen Carlton Johnson.

Stapled edition limited to 270 copies. $6.00.

Hand-sewn edition limited to 30 numbered copies. One original print by the artist. Signed by artist and author. $12.00.

Published June 1997.

An excerpt from Submergences was published in the September 1997 issue of Oyster Boy Review.

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