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"The Dante Allen Coe's and William S. Shakespeare's of this country don't need no stinking manifestos, and I hope not to stand accused of trying to write one for them. Manifestos never fail to make for interesting literary biography and a lot of bad writing. Honestly, if I were given the choice of starting a 'movement' right now and having one, I'd probably flip a coin. It's too hard to choose the least less important of the two. The way I see things, poets should be in the business of making toasts, not manifestos. So with that, here's to love, nostalgia, poetry, everything that happens in the space between compulsion and rejection, between fondness and illness, in the brackish waters of the inevitable and the necessary. I'm all wet with them again, I guess." — Chad Driscoll, "Manifestoast"

Off the Cuff's first publication is a collaboration between the editors of Cotton Gin and Oyster Boy Review.

The chapbook features the work of six poets, including Ried Cartwright, Bob Caldwell, Jon Powell, Geoffery Belanger, Chris Stafford, and Bill Baird.

Also includes an introduction by Chip McKenzie, publication notes by the editors, and a "Manifestoast" by Chad Driscoll.

44 pages. Tabloid. Photocopied, stapled. $1.00.

Online version.

Published November 1996.

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